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What is Biosound® Therapy?

Integrative healthcare addresses your mind, body and spirit. Specifically, Biosound® Therapy is a treatment tool that can be used in conjunction with traditional mental health therapies or as a stand-alone treatment to reduce stress in your mind and body. Currently, The Anxiety Relief Center is the only Indiana-based agency offering Biosound® Therapy. The treatment involves layinging on a vibrational platform using the latest technology, which consists of:

1. Biofeedback

Biofeedback is the process of looking at how we can better control automatic bodily functions like breathing. Biofeedback during a Biosound® Therapy session focuses on breathing and heart rate variability. HeartMath© science allows results in real time. HeartMath© is an effective, scientifically proven tool that helps people bridge the connection between their heart and mind. It assists people with decreasing their symptoms through breathing more proficiently. For a person experiencing headaches, breathing techniques learned during Biosound® Therapy can help prevent or lessen the occurrence of headaches. For someone struggling with an anxiety disorder, learned breathing techniques lessen the intensity of anxiety.

2. Music Therapy

Recent studies show that sound healing improves ailments that are mental or physical. Certain sounds, vibrations and rhythms create a sense of release for symptoms we are struggling with. Music therapy during a Biosound® Therapy session is precisely tuned based on reported pre-treatment symptoms.

3. Guided Meditations

Guided meditations can be easier to focus on because words give us something to focus our attention on. During a Biosound® Therapy session, you are in a relaxed, yet coherent state that better allows the opportunity to accept positive affirmations or imagery. MRI scans taken during research show that after about eight weeks of meditation, the brain’s, “fight or flight,” center (the amygdala) can shrink. The body’s response to stress is then less associated with fear and emotion, allowing positive change to occur.

4. Video Content

Video content can boost our brain's feel good chemicals to positively improve your mood state . Biosound® Therapy can treat symptoms of depression, anxiety, anger, ADHD, stress, cravings, muscle tension, headaches and body aches. Research from over 800 client Biosound® Therapy sessions of 30 minutes or more indicate substantial symptomatic relief. All reported symptoms treated were reduced by at least 44% or more.

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