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How to Help Your Troubled Teen

Recognize how difficult it is to be a teenager in today’s society.

There are added stressors like social media, over scheduling, texting and social pressures that might make things more intense in today’s times. In 2014, a study by The American Psychology Association reported that teen stress is reported to be higher than adults.

Remember the difficulty you once experienced as a youth.

What do you remember about things that happened, or maybe emotions you felt? You might be able to feel more empathetic when reflecting on your own history.

Listen to your teen and validate what they are telling you.

We all deserve our own subjective worldview. Even if we do not agree what with what our child is verbalizing, we can validate that what they are experiencing is real to them.

Prioritize professional help if needed.

If you are not sure your teen needs that level of care, remember that preventative measures to lesson a problem are always more beneficial than dealing with crisis.

Share short stories about the hardships you remember as a young adult.

Humor is a plus!

Identify helpful movies or books that depict issues your teen can relate to.

YouTube can be useful as well.

“It takes a village to raise a child.”

This African proverb is believed to be true by many. Asking for help from neighbors, school faculty, church clergy or other mentors can be beneficial to help your teen work through their struggles.

Provide structure, rules and predictability in your home.

We all need rules and expectations to function appropriately.

Find ways to connect to your troubled teen.

Many parents think their teens do not care much about their family life, but studies indicate otherwise. Praying, meditating or participating in a hobby or game might be a good place to start.

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