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We Offer Innovative & Practical Guidance

To Relieve Stress & Anxiety


Biosound Therapy, Mental Health Presentations, Group Therapy and Research

Brainspotting and Biosound Therapy Combination Appointment ($225) 

60 minutes of Brainspotting, followed by one hour of sound therapy

Urgent Relief Appointment ($150 per session): 

30 minutes of counseling followed by a one hour Biosound Therapy session


Biofeedback Therapy ($90 per session):
Biosound Therapy utilizes HeartMath Technology before transitioning to music therapy and video content while receiving sound massage


Brainspotting  Appointment ($145) 

60 minutes of Brainspotting, a visual technique teaching that processes trauma

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy ($145 per session):
Modifying unhelpful thoughts and behaviors help decrease psychological distress

Mindfulness Counseling ($145 per session):
The practice of awareness can feel difficult during such hectic times. Learning mindfulness is proven to reduce mental health symptoms

Group Counseling ($40 per session):
Topics vary over time but are related to stress, anxiety, depression and emotional intelligence


Sound Therapy Appointment ($60) 

One hour of sound therapy with a Biosound Tech

Companies Now Understand The
Importance Of Employee Mental Health

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 For Biosound Therapy arrive a few minutes before your session to relax, 

use the restroom, and fill out any necessary paperwork. 

Your therapist will  assess your symptoms in order to choose from the 55 available sessions that can treat your specific symptoms.

The biofeedback portion of the one-hour treatment will allow you to learn techniques that you can use at home as well as in the session.   

After biofeedback, you will experience privacy to enjoy the benefits of music therapy, guided imagery, and video content.   Your therapist will set a timer for when your session is complete. A session induces a relaxed, yet coherent  state that allows you to feel present and mindful the remainder of your day. Biosound Therapy relieves   symptoms related to depression, headaches, sleep problems, muscle tension/aches, anger, ADHD, cravings, and PTSD.

Biosound Therapy Includes:


The system uses a heart rate variability program that teaches techniques to manage emotions while achieving physiological balance.

Therapeutic Music

The music during the session is composed with binaural beats and frequencies that help you move into the parasympathetic nervous system activation.

Guided Imagery

Mindfulness selections help you achieve a relaxed state while hearing powerful messages of release and healing to treat your specific problem.

Sound Massage

Powerful transducers transmit vibrations to your body during the session.  

     The Anxiety Relief Center is dedicated to providing relief for people experiencing moderate to severe mental symptoms. We strive to be innovative and efficient, noting that mental symptoms often manifest themselves physically. We believe healing occurs in different ways for each individual person. Biosound Therapy is a passive treatment, where patients find that results are common. We ask our clients to apply what they have learned in sessions into real life situations. Since we believe in integrative treatment, we often refer to several other practitioners to ensure your individual needs are met.  At The Anxiety Relief Center, we know that we all have the ability to improve and

progress our lives from any starting point.

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