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 For Biosound Therapy arrive a few minutes before your session to relax,

use the restroom, and fill out any necessary paperwork. 

Your therapist will  assess your symptoms in order to choose from the

55 available sessions that can treat your specific symptoms.

The biofeedback portion of the one-hour treatment will allow you to learn

techniques that you can use at home as well as in the session.   

After biofeedback, you will experience privacy to enjoy the benefits of music therapy, guided imagery, and video content.  Your therapist will set a timer for when your session is complete. A session induces a relaxed, yet coherent state that allows you to feel present and mindful the remainder of your day. Biosound Therapy relieves  symptoms related to depression, headaches, sleep problems, muscle tension/aches, anger, ADHD, cravings, and PTSD.

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