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St. Vincents Stress Center 1-800-872-2210

Community Behavioral Health Crisis Line 317-621-5700

Groff and Associates 317-474-6448

Prevail 317-773-6942

Our Services

Biosound Therapy,     Mental Health Presentations,     Group Therapy,     Research

     The Anxiety Relief Center is dedicated to providing relief for people experiencing moderate to severe mental symptoms. We strive to be innovative and efficient, noting that mental symptoms often manifest themselves physically. We believe healing occurs in different ways for each individual person. Biosound Therapy is a passive treatment, where patients find that results are common. We ask our clients to apply what they have learned in sessions into real life situations. Since we believe in integrative treatment, we often refer to several other practitioners to ensure your individual needs are met.  At The Anxiety Relief Center, we know that we all have the ability to improve and progress our lives from any starting point.

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