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Knowledge is power

Spend some time researching heroin addiction.  Make yourself familiar with the signs of heroin usage.

Confront your loved one in a nonjudgmental manner

Ask them what kind of help they feel they need.

Research substance abuse treatment options

Due to the s...

Recognize how difficult it is to be a teenager in today’s society. 

There are added stressors like social media, over scheduling, texting and social pressures that might make things more intense in today’s times. In 2014, a study by The American Psychology Association r...

It seems that there are so many things to do, yet so little time. Finding time to cope with our busy lifestyles can seem like just one more thing to do. About fifteen years ago, a wise professor once told me, “The key to managing our mental state is with mindfulness.”


Anger is considered a secondary emotion. This means that underneath your immediate feeling of anger, you likely feel a more genuine emotion.  Commonly, sadness or hurt underlies the emotion we so automatically label our emotion, “anger.”  Remember, it is okay to FEEL a...

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